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2010-07-05 21:52:57 by TheRagingDeadStudio

Been a while since i uploaded anything was watching a few dbz movies and made this. whould i make DBZ AF?


Art Portal ^_^

2009-06-19 08:55:52 by TheRagingDeadStudio

Art potal how cool jus starting to upload a few art pieces now hope ya like them ^_^ dont forget to comment and vote.

TRDStudio Fan Page on BEBO!

2008-06-24 10:21:21 by TheRagingDeadStudio

Decided to broaden my promoting of my animations. Sol for those who have bebo can now join TheRagingDeadStudio Fang Page!



Episode One-Update!

2008-06-22 21:50:24 by TheRagingDeadStudio

Descided to update you all on whats happening atm. still working on ep1, got more storybards done and animating a few scenes now.

Prob be looking for voice actors/actress' for the first ep soon so be on the look out on the post for the open positions.

well here is a character design sheet for the main character, jus to show you how im getting on... and for those tho still think im tacing off the net...n00bs!

^_^ KayTea ^_^

Episode One-Update!

Micah Ep1- Downfall

2008-04-11 06:23:32 by TheRagingDeadStudio

Been going over the script for Episode one of Micah and added a few changes. Been a while since i looked at it. Studpid Art course wants more and more keeps taking up all my time.

But away! should be posting some screens shots and pics soon soo look out for them.

^-^ KayTea ^-^

Well ive been trying to get this animation series off the ground for a while now. With the work i am doing at home there is no way i can do this all alone ... and this is were i hope the newgrounds community can help out.

Micah is an anime series i am trying to write and animate i have a small teaser uploaded for it.

The series is about an Angel coming to earth trying to ear his wings, i dont want to give away to much at this point in time but i am still loking for help with it. i have written the first episode and am being to storybaord it.

I am asking for help form anyone who has a high level of animating talent preferably in anime, Voice acting and background artwork.

I would love any feedback from anyone intrested thanks


Anime Flash Series [ Micah ]